The extrovert of extroverts, the belt-driven Buzzraw X is your ultimate unconventional commuter!



The Ultimate Unconventional Commuter

The Buzzraw X is both unique and practical. Combining suspension with fat tires, the Buzzraw X smooths out cobblestone roads and glides over potholes with ease.

Cromoly is the metal with mettle. Strong, so you can ride it long. Fully powder-coated in a thick layer of scratch-resistant thermoset polymer to protect against the elements.

Unique BuzzWalker linkage fork has Zero stiction and anti-dive features all this while maintaining a consistent ‘trail’ geometry under load.  

Long and oh-so comfy. It takes two, or even three, with kiddo up front. Who says riding is all about going solo? 

Dual suspension, 80mm of linear front and rear travel to perfectly glide over bumps. 

The Fat tire gives you all the advantages of a larger tire, with the lowest rolling resistance on the market.

A removable coupler on the frame swingarm allows for the installation of a belt as a low-maintenance alternatrive to bicycle chains.

The 48V lithium-ion battery can be locked and removed from the Buzzraw X750 and taken inside to charge while at home or at work.

With a rear hub motor, outputting 750 watts with every pedal stroke,

getting from point A to B has never been so easy.

We give you up to 3 adjustable speed settings for your Buzzraw X750 and also with a walk-assist.

Unified rear triangle design prevents chain growth allowing for belt or single speed setups.

Because we see merits in both, hub drive and mid-drive motors, we have developed the Buzzraw X750 to accommodate both variants.



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