Seeing Frenchman Alex Jumelin in action on his BMX bike is a little ‘confusing’ – but in a good way! It’s like watching ballet but with the combined intensity of an acrobat and a stuntman!

To say he is poetry in motion is an understatement. And that’s why he is a four-time world champion in the highly-demanding discipline of BMX flatland. Alex was born in Paris, France on November 23, 1977 and off the bike, he’s as friendly and fun-loving as they come. He loves cycling and he adores bikes. And he is Coast Cycles first-ever Brand Ambassador and Team Rider!

When did you start cycling? I performed my first few tricks on a BMX bike when I was 11-years-old.

What do you love about cycling? Cycling is a passion but I love riding BMX flatland as it is challenging and the tricks are endless. Every trick requires a special technique and balance.

What is it about a bike that excites you? There are so many different types of bikes and so many ways to enjoy them. You can do tricks on the ground or in the air with a BMX bike, ride a downhill bike down a mountain, or hop on to a Buzzraw and cruise the streets of Paris.

How did you find out about Coast Cycles? My good friend from France posted pics of the Buzzraw on Instagram and I saw them. It blew my mind!

What do you feel about the brand? I feel that that the brand is young and fresh and it has a bright future as it can create all kinds of bikes, with the best quality. I am also impressed that everyone working at the company is so passionate about the brand.

What do you see as your main roles as Brand Ambassador and Team Rider? First of all, it’s an honour to be part of the brand. One of my key targets is to introduce Coast Cycles bikes to as many people around the world as possible! These bikes need to be seen and experienced so I will bring one with me whenever I travel to competitions.

What can we expect from you in the coming months? On Instagram and Facebook, expect to see bikes like the Buzzraw and Quinn being ridden by all types of people, in many different places and situations. I have also a few special projects lined-up for the Buzzraw but that’s all I can say for now. If you don’t want to miss out, “follow” and “like” us!

What would you like to say to everyone reading this? Try something new every day because life is too short. Make yourself a different person and have fun on our bikes.

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