That’s Japanese for “Hello” and if you’re wondering why we are going all Nippon or Nihon, it’s because we scored a feature on one of Japan’s most popular cycling websites!

Cycling Time is virtual heaven for anyone who’s interested in cycling and bicycles. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro, techie, weight weenie or beginner, you can find interviews, news, reviews and all kinds of stories and features on anything, and everything to do with bicycles!

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The story sheds light on how and why Coast Cycles was created and also picks the brains of our founder, Jansen Tan. You can also read about our brand philosophy, the current models we have and the upcoming bikes we are about to launch.

Moving forward, we have more good news! We will be working closely with Cycling Time so that bike enthusiasts in Japan will have access to the latest news about Coast Cycles and we will also be brainstorming to come up with various exciting events and projects!

We leave you with one of our favourite songs. Quite apt, isn’t it! Arigatou gozaimasu!

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