Quinn owners, we have some great news for you!

We designed the Quinn to complement your busy lifestyle by incorporating the clever central cargo cage for stowing a messenger or laptop bag so you don’t have to strap it around your upper body but we didn’t just stop at that!

What if you needed to carry along more belongings?

What if the item you need to stow is too big for the central cargo cage?

Fret not more because we have just the accessory to solve the issues listed above!

The Front Rack is great for increasing the Quinn’s carrying ability. Shaped with a wider ‘mouth’ to accommodate larger odd-shaped items and constructed from light yet sturdy aluminium alloy, it also comes with a metal base plate to prevent your stuff from falling onto the ground! Comes in a stealthy matte black finish which is extremely durable.

Cool feature alert! The Front Rack bolts directly onto mounting points integrated into the head tube so that whatever you are carrying doesn’t swing around like a monkey on a tree whenever the handlebar moves and turns!

Get your very own Quinn Front Rack here!

(Browse all the different colours available for the Quinn, choose your fave and get in now! We offer flat rate shipping to many countries and the cost starts from just USD99)

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