We made the Buzzraw fun bike to be… FUN! For us, it represents the perfect canvas from which other bicycle variants will be spawned from.

The new Buzzraw E250 is one such bicycle and it will make you fall in love with cycling all over again and best of all, we have made absolutely sure that this is the ONLY electric bicycle to own, if you are thinking of getting one!


The EN 15194 standard for “Electronically Power Assisted Cycles” (EPAC) is adopted by the majority of European countries and to qualify for the standard, an electric bicycle must be perfectly safe for the user as well as the surroundings. The Buzzraw E250 has EN 15194 certification and it is as safe as houses! (Note 1: Beware of buying an electric bike which does not have this certification as you are putting yourself, and others at risk of injury. Note 2: We know of at least two blatant copies of our Buzzraw E250 and both DO NOT HAVE certification of any kind.)


From the day we conceptualised the Buzzraw, we meant for it to be “electrified”. What does this mean to you? Simply put, nothing was an afterthought. The unique parallelogram design of the frame and twin-tubed fork. The mounting points all around the frame and fork. The movable (fore and aft) bottom bracket. All these features were incorporated at the design stage so that the motor, battery, monitor display and other ancillary components literally bolt-on to the respective mountings without any need for modifications.


Aside from the electric components, the Buzzraw E250 has been outfitted with parts which are either custom made or specifically selected as they complete the overall design and purpose of the bicycle. Take the long lounge seat for example. It may look simple but did you know that we tested numerous lengths and shapes as well as various densities of foam so as to come up with the most comfortable yet lasting saddle? Well, now you do! The same applies to the light yet super strong crank arms which are made of forged alloy.


We don’t wave “bye-bye” and disappear once you have clicked on the “pay” button at checkout. Relationships are extremely important. We are referring to the Buzzraw E250 you bought and us! Jokes aside, it is of utmost importance to us that your electric bicycle is in tip-top working condition always. Hence, isn’t it wonderful and assuring to know that we stock a comprehensive inventory of replacement spares?


Such a simple statement, isn’t it? But it means so much more. Coast Cycles is a brand, a manufacturer. Not just a retailer out to make a fast buck and then switch brands at a blink of an eye. Being a brand means being responsible for all that we do: design, prototyping, testing, production, sales, aftersales and warranty. And we put our heart and soul into every bicycle we make. The Buzzraw E250 is a result of over a year’s hard work and we want to see you enjoying as fuss-free an ownership experience as possible!

Get your certified safe, warrantied, fun-to-ride Buzzraw E250 at our online shop now. Just so you know, we have a myriad of accessories such as the Front Rack, Foot Pegs and Race Plates available to further customise your fully compliant electric Buzzraw!

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