Fulfilment UPDATE!

To Our Awesome Backers,

We could not be more excited to share our first-ever fulfilment update with you!

By now all our EU backers should have received their Tax Collection notice.

For our US backers please be patient with us as we will be sending out your Tax Collection notice by next week.

Backers from the rest of the world will receive your Tax Collection notice upon delivery of your perk as we will be shipping directly to you as we, unfortunately, cannot consolidate your orders.

Please respond ASAP! We need to verify your shipping details before we can start the fulfilment process. If you did not receive your notice, reach out to us at enquiries@coastcycles.com and we’ll send it your way.

Perks are already on its way to our fulfilment centers and we are still on track with our promise to fulfil the full bike orders within 2 months after we close the campaign.

For those that have already replied many thanks for the prompt response! We can’t thank you enough for being part of this journey!

Thank you!

The Team at Coast Cycles

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