Buzzraw? Wait a minute! Wasn’t this called the Ruckus?

If you are one of those who wondered about this, you are absolutely right! Our very first “funbike” has a new name!

Why, you might ask, would we want to use a new one? The reason is simple: a famous model from an iconic Japanese motorbike brand is also called “Ruckus” and we didn’t want to confuse anyone by continuing to use that name. Furthermore, we are big fans of the brand too!

Okay, enough with the explanation. Let us tell you how we coined “Buzzraw”.

The bike is an attention grabber extraordinaire! When we showed off the bike at Eurobike and Interbike this year, everyone who saw it told their friends about it, and these friends then shared the news with more people and etc. In other words, it created a “BUZZ”!

As for why we used “RAW”, it’s because the bike’s cromoly construction is tough as nails and also because when you ride it, we guarantee it will put a smile on your face in an instant. In fact, you might even “roar” with laughter!

So there you have it. The Buzzraw  is a great conversation starter. Actually, it is also great for keeping conversations going. Its lounge seat sits a passenger with you, turning cycling into a social activity. You also have a choice of two types of tires: motorbike-inspired slicks or VEE Tire Co. Mission Command fat knobbies from so you can ride it almost anywhere!

We created the Buzzraw so you can have fun. As much of it as you possibly can. In fact, we urge you to take it, and go create a big a “ruckus” as you can! Ha ha!

(If you want to enjoy the “buzz” and “roar” with laughter, click this:

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