Do you remember the bike in the photo above? Yes. You’re right! It’s the Quinn with Gates Carbon Drive and Pinion Drive Technology, otherwise known as the “Quinn Pinion”, or “Quinnion” as we have been affectionately calling it.

We showcased this amazing bike at Taipei Cycle 2017 along with other variants of the Quinn and Buzzraw and we also brought one along for the event’s Demo Day. The people who rode it, loved it!

Easy to ride. Seamless shifting. Smooth performance. Swift gear-changes. Highly nimble. We heard these descriptions, and many more positive ones throughout the day.

Besides the white one (Glacial White to be exact), Gates displayed another Quinnion, painted in attention-grabbing Signal Yellow, at their stand.

They liked it so much that they ran away with it after Taipei Cycle 2017 ended! Okay, we are pulling your leg. We wanted them to have it. After all, they contributed the carbon composite belt and other drivetrain components found on the bike.

That Quinnion is now at Gates Carbon Drive’s headquarters in Denver, Colorado and the staff there wasted no time in taking turns to ride the bike around.

You can read all about what they thought about the Quinnion in the latest post on Belted Blog (Gates’ very own blog).

(The Quinnion is equipped with Gates CDN and Pinion C1.6. It is expected to be available at the end of 2018)

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