Nobody likes to go riding when it rains. It’s wet and slimy and worst of all, every roll of the tyres means dirt, grime, stones and sand will get churned up and onto YOU! Yucks!

However, our Buzzraw Fenders will save the day! We created this set of Fenders to fit the wide tyres which comes with the bike. Also, the length and curvature of each fender were carefully designed to provide maximum coverage against all that Mother Nature can hurl at you when it pours.

Fit these Fenders on your Buzzraw (each set comes with complete mounting hardware) and you can even wear your light-coloured clothes with absolute confidence. No fear nor trepidation when the skies start to open or when the ground is wet!

Crafted from black-anodised alloy, they also lend a cool look to your Buzzraw. Get your Buzzraw Fenders at our online shop and keep the wetness and dirtiness away!

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